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Why Should You Private Label?

Mark Klage - Trodat USA Regional Sales Manager

We currently live in the age of Google. The default answer to just about any question is to simply “Google it”. This answer pertains to purchasing products just as answering the more common question “what sitcom did that actor star in?”. According to a Blue Corona study, 97% of consumers go online to find products and services. Remember, the yellow pages are dead and the virtual storefront is the future of not only our industry, but of all commerce. For better or for worse, that is the reality of the world moving forward.

However, while our marketplace becomes more and more national and global in scope, there is still a movement to promote “buy local”, which is one I try to support as much as possible. Unfortunately, that movement faces an uphill battle, as it does not resonate with the young people entering the marketplace like it does with the older generations. This means that small businesses must adapt if they are to survive in the digital world.

So how are small, local stamp makers to compete in this vast new digital arena? There is no easy, one size fits all answer. Also, there is no magic wand that makes it all happen. There are multiple tools is the tool box that when used together can be a proven strategy for success. One of those tools is partnering with a well-known great selling name brand, like Trodat, with a private labeled (also called private branding) line of your own.

So, what is private labeling? It is taking a Trodat stamp and personalizing it with your company’s brand, giving it a unique look and feel all its own. Many stamp makers will simply apply a label to the units they sell. However, these labels will either wear off from use or be picked off, leaving the main brand still noticeable. Private labeling ensures that your product stands out from the crowded sea of search results and leads customers directly to you by setting that product apart by both look and name.

The Trodat Imprint 2.0 and Printy P2 were designed for the very purpose of private labeling. Instead of simply masking the original brand with a cheap label, these stamps are able to become your brand. The Imprint 2.0 features an oversized index that can feature any design or logo limited only by your imagination. Along with the oversized index, you have 3 frame color choices to choose from. The Imprint is an easy low cost and low volume gateway into the private labeling world. The Printy P2 can also be fully customized in appearance through pad printing and unique frame color combinations. The P2 is for those serious, high volume branders who have already long-established unique brand names. Either of these two options, once fully personalized, will help customers find you, instead of everyone else.

For survival and growth in the digital world, private labeling is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. Private labeling is also not as hard or expensive as you might think. Trodat USA has extremely talented artists and marketing professionals who can guide you through the process. Start out small with the Imprint and then grow from there into a high volume P2 user. Contact your Trodat Sales Representative for more on how to start the process.


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