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Upselling - Part 2: The Alternative Product

Part of the upselling process is recommending an alternative product that the customer may prefer more, but is either unaware of or may not realize will work for their application.

It is up to you to ask the right questions and be able to recommended the proper alternative product. The key to this type of upselling is product knowledge. You must know as much as you can about both the originally requested product and the alternative product you are suggesting. If you are not able to intelligently communicate to the customer the advantages of the alternative, you most likely will not succeed in the upsell.

When recommending an alternative product, there must be clear and distinct advantages over the original product. A customer is willing to pay more for a product, but they are expecting more for that increased cost. Be clear and concise on the advantages and how they will help them.

A good example of the alternative product upsell is the advantages of the Professional text stamp over the standard Printy. The Professional offers the same options as the Printy (ease of use, quicker impressions over a rubber stamp…) but also offers increased durability with its steel core and a comfortable ergonomic handle.

Remember, when upselling, you are there to guide the customer... to provide suggestions and ideas, but they are the ultimate decision maker. Do not use the overbearing “Time Share” selling approach. You want your customer to be happy with the purchase and not feel like the were “taken for a ride”.


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