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Trodat Printy 4.0 is the First Stamp to Receive the Coveted Blue Angel Award

Trodat continues to strive for a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Trodat has already proven in the past that the topic of sustainability is very important. And as anchored in the Trodat vision - Trodat, sustainable stamp solutions: everywhere - numerous activities in the area of sustainability are also planned in the future.

The Blue Angel is an environmental label that has been awarded in Germany since 1978 for particularly environmentally friendly products and services. The German Federal Environment Agency sets the strict criteria for the award.

The purpose of the eco-label is to give customers reliable guidance for environmentally conscious purchasing, because a targeted demand for environmentally friendly products promotes ecological product innovations and reduces environmental pollution.

The Blue Angel stands for independent, transparent and ambitious labeling and differs from other product labels that, for example, only consider one criterion or are assigned by manufacturers themselves.


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