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The Dream Team

“Do you believe in miracles?” - Al Michaels

The phrase “Dream Team” can conjure up different teams depending on your favorite sport. The Patriots during the Brady years, the Bulls in the Jordan dynasty, or the ‘50s Yankees lead by Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra. But regardless of who your personal favorite team is, the one team that we ALL cheered for was the 1980 Olympic USA Men’s Hockey Team… the great miracle on ice. The OG Dream Team. These are teams where all of the pieces came together just right to form something truly special.

Dream teams aren’t exclusive to sports. They are found in many different industries, including our own, with Trodat USA being home to one, if not the, best. From the self-inker and pre-inked stamps to metal framed units that can be customized, we have a product for every “position”. Trodat Printy, MaxLight and JustRite stamps are the team you want to be part of. Depending on your needs, preferences or requirements, team Trodat has the players you want.

Batting leadoff, the reigning MVP… when it comes to options, Trodat Printy self-inking stamps are a team leader. A quick glance through the Trodat price book and you will see page after page of Printy rectangles, squares, rounds, text and date stamps. These stamps are familiar to both stamp makers and end users alike. They are easy to use, reliable, reasonably priced, and can be refreshed by simply swapping out the old ink cartridge for a new one. Not only that, but they are environmentally friendly, utilizing recycled materials and carbon-neutral manufacturing. These features have helped to make Printy the go-to self-inking stamp for most manufacturers and dealers.

Batting second… if ever there was the perfect complement to self-inking stamps, it would be Trodat’s MaxLight pre-inks. Having established itself as the industry’s premium pre-ink stamp for over twenty years, MaxLight delivers all the advantages that a pre-inked stamp has: smooth, quiet operation, a long lifespan and a great upsell value. What makes MaxLight a much better value than the pre-ink “players” on other teams is its use of flash technology, which is the cleanest and most environmentally friendly production method for pre-inked stamps. And although there are other flash stamps available, MaxLight (and its partner the PSI), is by far the easiest to ink and assemble, stamp makers great pre-inked options for their customer.

Coming in the for win… every team needs its muscle and in the stamp world that muscle is Trodat JustRite custom metal stamps. From daters and text stamps to custom assembled numberers, nothing compares to the level of customization that JustRite stamps offer. Built from industrial strength steel, JustRite stamps are able to absorb all the punishment you can throw at it without breaking as sweat. They can be used in a wide range of environments, from the office to the warehouse to more demanding industrial conditions. JustRite is there to fill in where Printy and MaxLight cannot.

Dream Teams exists in many forms. We have seen them perform on the fields of athletic play and here in the stamp world as well. Having so many complementary pieces fit together so well at one time is a rarity, indeed. When it comes to the stamp industry’s dream team, Trodat’s players are hard to beat, and definitely a team ready to go to bat for you.

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