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The All-New Printy Shag Carpet Edition

Timeless... like disco music and platform shoes.

Introducing the product that no one asked for and even fewer people would actually buy... the Printy Shag Carpet Edition. The new Printy Shag Carpet Edition takes everything that makes the Trodat Printy great and trades it for a case covered in stylish(?) shag carpeting leftover from the house of one of our salesmen. We don't like to put style over substance, so we chose neither.

We know what you're asking yourselves..."Why?" Well, we decided to ask, "Why not?". And while the images may speak for themselves, we decided to make it anyways.

Made from a 50% polyester blend, the only thing that will distract you from the itchiness is the questionable color selection. Available in 'Ya Dig Yellow, GoGo Boot White, and Ultra Limited Edition Avocado Green, the Printy Shag Carpet Edition is sure to stand out, no matter how hard you try to hide it.

But what it lacks in ergonomics and visual appeal, it makes up for in pure charisma. The first thing you'll notice when holding the Printy Shag Carpet Edition in your hand, other than the carpet fibers sticking to the die plate and unique musty smell, is just how questionable your decision making ability is.

The only thing you'll regret more than not buying the Printy Shag Carpet Edition, is actually buying it. If you would like to preorder (and after this marketing pitch, who wouldn't?) head over to But before you do, we'd just like to say...


Although the Printy Shag Carpet Edition isn't actually a thing (thankfully), the regular Trodat Printy is, and you can check it out by clicking here: Trodat Printy

We hope everyone has a groovy April Fool's Day!


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