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The 2022 Marketing Kits are Almost Here!

Working together to make a lasting impression in the new year.

In 2021 we launched our “Marking the Way Forward” campaign aimed at helping our rubber stamp maker family with additional marketing support via social media “marketing kits” while our industry continued to navigate shaky economic waters. Thanks to the positive response from users of the content, we're going to continue offering the marketing kits for 2022, with an expanded focus on a different product line each month.

As a business owner, you know that marketing is an important pillar of being successful. Unfortunately, not all companies have the resources to create and implement a campaign, so our goal is to lend a helping hand however possible. For years, we've offered custom marketing services… from catalogs and flyers, to product imagery and even web design assistance.

Our 2021 social media “marketing kits” expanded on this to aid RSMs in establishing an online marketing presence, which is only becoming more and more essential in today’s marketplace. These kits included original stamp impression designs and social media post artwork themed around holidays and notable events, all free and still available for you to download and use as you wish.

Whereas the marketing kits for 2021 were themed around important monthly events, the 2022 marketing kits will focus on Trodat’s major product lines, with the intent to give you, the RSM, the marketing tools you need to make a lasting impression with your customers, and ultimately grow your sales.

The new marketing kits will include product-specific flyers, social media posts and copy that can be used for additional marketing opportunities and will continue to be free to download and use as you please. Flyers can be printed locally or used in an eco-friendly digital format, and the included product copy can be used for websites, emails, press releases and more. It is totally up to you how and when you choose to use the content.

The new 2022 marketing kits will be coming soon, and will be available through our email campaign, online at and right here in our Bold Impressions Blog.

Until the first 2022 marketing kit releases, please check out the full library of 2021 Marketing Kits that you can download and use for 2022 as well.


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