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Thank You for Shopping Local Marketing Ideas

As we all know, the COVID Pandemic hit small businesses incredibly hard in 2020. "Shopping Local" has become a rallying cry in communities all over America, and helping support these local businesses has become a focus for many town leaders.

Consumers know that when they are buying local, they are not only helping out a small business, but also helping out the community in which the business, and possibly the consumer, resides. They appreciate the personal connection one gets when talking one on one with a local shop owner who is passionate and incredibly knowledgeable about their products and services.

To get out the message, small businesses around the country have been putting signs in their windows saying “Buy Local” and “Thank You for Shopping Local”. We think local businesses can go one step further by stamping those messages on their packaging and receipts, and stamp makers can help make this happen.

With a custom Trodat Printy, local businesses can stamp any non-glossy packaging with a custom "Thank You for Buying Local" impression. These are perfect for receipts, gift tags, and paper bags just to name a few.

To make it simple, Trodat has put together a program for you, the RSM, to promote to the local businesses in your areas. Our ready to use kit includes a PDF of a flyer, a post to share to your social media platforms or website, and some sample impressions to offer.

The flyer can be downloaded HERE. You can use the flyer in an email, or if you want to use a personal approach, simply print out the flyer and drop them off at some at neighboring businesses. Use the impression samples provided on your social media platforms or websites to promote this program.

We recommend offering your customers the chance to buy their first "Thank You for Buying Local" stamp at a special discounted rate. If they purchase a stamp, you can follow up with a 10% discount off their next purchase--a branding stamp is a great follow up product!

This program can help you engage with your community of local businesses and help promote your business for future orders.

We can customize this flyer with your business name and logo, and provide you with a custom flyer to have printed locally. Contact your sales representative today.


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