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Sneak Peek: JustRite Industrial

An inside look at the next iteration of Trodat's heavy metal custom stamp line.

Trodat’s JustRite line of heavy-duty metal stamps is known throughout the rubber stamp industry as some of the most durable and customizable stamps in existence. A mainstay for decades, JustRite stamps feature solid steel frames with highly durable figure bands and specialized inks, all to ensure that they are capable of meeting the tough standards their customers demand. JustRite stamps are made to order, with 100% custom bands available and laser engraved in-house, after which they are hand assembled in the USA by a team of specialized individuals.

Over the years, JustRite has seen many improvements made to its design with the goal being to optimize both the stamp's performance and to improve the customer's overall experience.

One of the first major improvements occurred in 2020, when we worked to streamline the band size portfolio across the entire line. Before then, JustRite bands had some inconsistency in their sizing, which added complexity to the ordering process. To remedy this, we simplified the special assembly process by harmonizing the JustRite date and numbering bands into a single, cohesive family of sizes. This resulted in a more logical and much improved ordering process without sacrificing one of Justrite’s greatest assets: an almost infinite level of customization possibilities.

JustRite will see its next major update this year in the form of JustRite Industrial. This upgrade will introduce an even more robust frame for increased endurance during heavy duty applications, a redesigned push-in locking button for improved ergonomics, and a newly engineered universal ink cartridge system that brings greater functionality and ease of use. These improvements will combine to deliver both an enhanced user experience and the heavy-duty performance that JustRite stamps are known for.

Customers can expect the JustRite Industrial updates to begin their phase in this year and expand throughout the full range of self-inking models over time.

Click HERE to learn more about JustRite custom heavy metal stamps.


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