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Personalize Protective Masks with Printy Clothing Marker Stamps

Wearing a face mask when we leave the house has become a new way of life, with everyone now calling it the "new normal". People all across the world have been wearing cloth masks to help keep themselves and others safe. Many places have mandated that people wear face masks when in public, and that essential workers such as delivery people, restaurant workers, grocery store workers, warehouse workers, doctors and nurses wear them for the entirety of their shifts.

With so many masks, it can be easy (and potentially hazardous) to mix up your mask with someone else's. If you find your family or business has a large collection of masks, or you are part of the community of mask makers around the country, a Trodat Printy Clothing Marker Stamp can help you keep things personalized and organized.

Printy Clothing Markers use a specialized ink that will stamp on fabric cleanly and clearly, and will remain on clothes wash after wash, which is essential for face masks that must be cleaned often. You can stamp a family member's name onto their mask, employees can stamp their name, department or employer names on their masks, and for those that are making cloth masks for others, you can stamp a message of kindness or your business name.

As we all continue to do our part to keep each other safe, it's important to remember that while the "new normal" feels anything but, we will get through this together!

Printy Clothing Marker stamps are available on Trodat Order Manager. Log in or sign up today for effortless 24/7 online ordering.

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