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Make your own PPE Face Shields with PET Materials & Instructions

For the past several months cloth face masks and PPE face shields have been in extremely high demand. Shortages for every day people have been common, as these important supplies have been directed first and foremost to those in the medical profession, and rightly so.

While cloth face coverings are now easier to find, PPE face shields still remain scarce for the general public. If you have a Trotec Speedy Laser Engraver and would like to produce these PPE face shields yourself, you are covered! Thanks to their expertise in the laser engraving field and an extensive line of laser engraving materials, Trotec has developed a tutorial on how you can create these important PPE face shields yourself.

Simply click the links below for instructions and a video tutorial.

Trotec PPE Face Shield Instructions: Download the PPE Face Shield Application File

Through the month of September, get 10% OFF orders of PET and modified acrylic materials using voucher code pet-promo-2020. Orders for these special materials must be placed through Trodat USA Customer Service:

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