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Guest Post: HC Brands - Sustainability Matters to Customers

Integrate Trodat’s Environmental Messaging into Your Marketing to Achieve Sales Growth and Deliver More Value

HC Brands are a leader in the rubber stamp and customization industry, and we've invited them to share their thoughts with our Bold Impressions community.

Consumers are increasingly considering sustainability and environmental responsibility when making purchases, especially online. As the number of consumers aware of environmental issues increases and they consider the impact of their purchases, they are actively seeking out sustainable and eco-friendly options.

McKinsey & Company reported data on this development in an article titled “Consumers care about sustainability—and back it up with their wallets” with findings that more than 60% of respondents said they would pay more for sustainable products and that 78% of consumers in a recent NielsenIQ survey said a sustainable lifestyle is important to them.

Custom stamp manufacturers like have taken notice of this trend and have started to incorporate Trodat’s Environmental Sustainability assets in their marketing. They have reported increased conversion and better value perception from consumers when these environmental messages are integrated into their shopping experience. This has been especially impactful in their new Custom Self-Inking Stamps category and product detail pages.

Integrating core environmental advantages of Trodat self-inking stamps gives stamp resellers an advantage in talking to consumers about key sustainability messages on several fronts including:

· Sustainable Materials: The stamp body itself is crafted from reclaimed or recycled rubber, reducing the demand for new materials, and minimizing waste. The casing of our stamps is made from recycled or recyclable plastic, further reducing our environmental footprint.

· Energy Efficiency: Self-inking stamps are designed to be efficient in their use of ink, reducing the amount of ink wasted compared to traditional rubber stamps. This helps to minimize the environmental impact associated with ink production and disposal.

· Waste Reduction: Self-inking stamps are designed to be durable and long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent replacements and wasted materials.

· Transparent Supply Chain: We ensure that our materials are sourced responsibly and ethically sourced, and we work with suppliers who adhere to our environmental standards. Our production lines are run with 100% green electricity.

· Eco-Friendly Inks: Our ink cartridges are water-based and non-toxic for the environment. You won't have to discard them and waste any materials because the ink does not dry out.

Online stamp retailers selling self-inking stamps can communicate the benefits of environmentally friendly stamps in various ways and through multiple channels to maximize the benefits of environmental messaging, including inclusion in:

· Product descriptions: Include information about the environmentally friendly features of the self-inking stamps in the product description, such as the use of eco-friendly materials and vegetable-based ink.

· Product images: Use images to highlight the eco-friendly aspects of the product, such as the use of recycled plastic and include images that feature Trodat’s green packaging materials.

· Badges and certifications: Retailers can use badges or certifications to showcase the environmentally friendly nature of the product, such as certifications from third-party organizations that verify the product's sustainability.

· Social media: Retailers can use their social media channels to promote environmentally friendly self-inking stamps and share information about their sustainability features.

· Email newsletters: Retailers can send email newsletters to their customers that focus on the benefits of environmentally friendly self-inking stamps and provide tips on how to use them in an eco-friendly way.

By communicating the benefits of environmentally friendly self-inking stamps in the shopping experience and through these channels, online retailers can reach a wider audience, improve their conversion rates among environmentally conscious consumers and demand a higher price in exchange for the higher perceived value of environmentally sustainable products.

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