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All-New Trodat Professional EV Stamp

An electrifying new take on self-inking stamps.

The Trodat research and development team has done it once again (no, not burned down the testing facility... that was back in 2019, let it go already). Our customers often ask us how we plan to improve our line of carbon-neutral stamps to which we responded, "Stop asking us questions." NEVERTHELESS... after endless hours of testing, experimentation, accidental electrocution (everyone is fine, btw... except for the monkey. He hasn't been right since.) and coffee breaks (mostly coffee breaks), our team has created a stamp that would make Elon Musk stand up and say, "Why?".

Introducing the all-new Trodat Professional EV stamp. The world's first and only (probably for obvious reasons) electrically powered Trodat Professional stamp. We know what you're thinking... stamps don't require power to work. Well, they do now. And if we know anything about being environmentally responsible, it's that the more power you use, the better. I'm pretty sure that's right...

When developing the Professional EV stamp we took everything that makes our current Professional line great: award winning design, premium materials, carbon-neutral manufacturing, and threw it in the dumpster.

Instead, we came up with this...

The new design incorporates a replacement air filtration system, solar panels, back up battery (with optional shoulder strap and jumper cables) and a stylish LED face plate. We've also kept the solid metal frame, which was probably a poor choice in hindsight, considering the whole electricity part. Which reminds me, we suggest storing your Professional EV outdoors and away from anyone or anything... ya know, just in case. I'm not suggesting that all of our test units have burst into flames or anything. Not officially.


Our goal was to deliver an EV stamp at an affordable price, and we've done just that. While the home charging kit, solar panels, battery back up, replacement air filter, light up LED faceplate and jumper cables may cost you $50k (before tax), the stamp itself will only be $19.99. So mission accomplished. You're welcome.

*protective eye goggles sold separately*

Against our best judgement we brought back the same focus group from last year that tested our new Camoflage (typo), Camouflauge (dammit... UGH) CAMOUFLAGE STAMPS to test out the new Professional EV. After a few minor burns and electric shocks, oh and one trip to the ER (they are also ok) we received "invaluable" feedback such as, "This stamp is even worse than those Shag Carpet and Camo Stamps", "I can't feel the left side of my body", and "My attorney will be in touch". Focus groups... always a hoot.

The all-new Trodat Professional EV will never be available because I realized while writing this just how awful of an idea it is, and now I have to make a bunch of phone calls. Great...

Oh, and one more thing…


We know it's a day early, but we wanted to start your weekend out with a laugh.

Hopefully our fictional Professional EV stamp wasn't too... shocking.

Ok, that's the last electricity pun, I swear.

On a serious note, we actually are developing stamps that can survive in outer space, which you can learn more about here.


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