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All-New Camouflage Stamps from Trodat

Featuring a design like you’ve never seen. Literally.

Introducing a brand new line of stamps that no one (not even us) saw coming… Trodat Camouflage Stamps. We asked our customers to tell us what new products would be most helpful to them, and after receiving a ton of relevant feedback, we decided to make these instead.

Trodat Camoflage (whoops, typo)... Camoflauge (omg)... Camouflage Stamps feature a top secret revolutionary new design that took years to develop, mostly because our engineers couldn’t see what they were working on. Look closely (See it? C’mon, look closer… CLOSER… like press your face up against your computer screen closer…) and you will see a design unlike anything else in the industry. Gone are the comfortable ergonomic forms that Trodat stamps are traditionally known for, replaced with a modern look consisting of hard to grip surfaces and razor sharp edges, which probably wasn’t the best idea in hindsight.

Pictured: Camo Stamp Design Features - Left Side, Back Side, Right Side (we think)

Developed alongside our new Camo Stamps (I’m just going to call them Camo from now on… constantly typing out Camouflage is taking forever) is our all-new Trodat Camo Ink. What’s better than a stamp you can’t see? How about impressions you can’t see? This allowed us to save production costs by eliminating the index window and clear base, since you can’t see what or where you’re stamping anyways.

We tested out our new Camo Stamps/Ink (Camo Stink?) with a focus group in the hopes of garnering some positive feedback. After hours of testing and confused facial expressions, we received informative remarks such as “Where is the stamp… I can’t see it?”, “How do I even use something like this?”, “There are literally zero reasons to buy this stamp.” and “What am I doing with my life?”. So, rather than use their feedback to improve the product, we’ve decided to never use that focus group ever again. What do they know anyways?

Trodat Camo Stamps will be available in two sizes (we think) and three eye-avoiding colors: Invisible, Clear and Clearerer. Your guess is as good as ours regarding the Camo Ink colors. All we know is that we’ve never wasted as much R and D time and money on anything as we have on these new stamps, so please, please, PLEASE buy them.

Oh, and by the way… HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY! Unlike our fictional Camo Stamps, you probably saw that coming a mile away.

We hope everyone has a great April Fool's Day!


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