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A Perfect Time to Revisit the Value Strategy

If there is one thing customers are looking for right now, it’s “bang for their buck”, and with dater season upon us, now is the chance for Trodat stamp makers to give customers what they want.

Are Professional Daters the first choice you’re giving customers for their 2021 purchases, or have you already decided that it's something “they don’t need” and you’ll offer them a Printy or other plastic dater instead? Do your customers even know you offer Professional Daters, or are you assuming that they do and will make the effort to ask you about them if they're interested?

It’s quite possible that Printy Daters are all some customers will ever need. In fact, it's LIKELY that most customers will buy and use the Printy happily (let’s be honest, it’s a great product). However, the question remains: WHY would you make the buying decision for them?

When you go to the grocery store, does the grocer leave the organic products in the back, assuming that you don’t want them and that regular groceries are good enough? Do gas stations have special pumps for Premium Gas hidden out of sight? Of course not!

If your grocer knows what they’re doing, you’ll see large signs touting “Organic Produce” all throughout the fruits and vegetables, and of course, Premium Gas is listed right alongside Regular at the pump. Does everyone need Organic Produce or Premium Gas? No. But those products are displayed for the customers that may want to upgrade their purchase, and the store is simply putting the offering in front of them. Customers can't upgrade to a product they don't know is available.

The Value Strategy is straight forward: Let your customers know you have a high quality PREMIUM stamp available to them for purchase if THEY so desire. The goal with the Value Strategy isn’t to convert every Printy sale to a Professional, it's to make sure they know the option is available. Simply put... LET THE CUSTOMER DECIDE. You will convert customers that either need a stronger stamp, or ones that simply appreciate having the “best” products they can buy.

There is no downside to this for either party, it’s a win-win scenario. Your customer gets the best dater on the market, and you increase your sales.

Good luck, and Happy Dater Season!

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