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The All-New, All-Premium Trodat Printy 4924

We've taken another one of our most popular Printy models, the Printy 4924 square self-inking stamp, and given it a full redesign.

We've wrapped the all-new Printy 4924 in a sleek, minimalist shell, where function determines form through a thoughtfully ergonomic mix of glossy sheens and matte finishes for the ultimate premium appearance.

The new Printy 4924 now features a flat top, which provides improved index clarity while also serving as a stable surface for easy text plate mounting. The sides utilize a soft-touch finish and ribbing for additional grip when stamping, and a single sliding lock button on the back of the stamp secures the new 4924 into two different positions: ink cartridge change and text plate mounting.

The face presents a glossy black, mirror-like finish with an elegant silver Trodat logo, lending the stamp a high-end look. The base features an open design and convenient positioning indicator to ensure accurate impression alignment, with a reshaped “control curve” guiding the text plate to an even and perfect impression every time.

As with all Trodat Printy P4 stamps, the new Printy 4924 continues the tradition of being environmentally friendly, by utilizing carbon-neutral manufacturing during production.

Accompanying the new Printy 4924 is a brand new ink cartridge that has been improved in all facets for ease of use. The new 4924 Ink Cartridge utilizes a design to make ink cartridge replacement faster, more efficient and cleaner than ever before, all while being compatible with both the new and old 4924 models.

The all-new Trodat Printy 4924 self-inking stamp will be arriving soon, and become available in a rolling change as stock of the previous generation sells out.


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