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Now is a great time to diversify your business with a laser engraver.

Being in the rubber stamp and personalization business without a laser engraver is like entering a boxing ring with one arm tied behind your back. Without one, the products that you can offer are greatly limited. Adding a laser engraver allows you to offer products beyond what your current production limitations dictate, and allows your company to compete at its fullest potential.

With a laser engraver, you can begin to offer a much wider range of personalized products beyond just stamps... products such as embossing seals, indoor and outdoor signage, and plaques and trophies. You can even personalize items like cellphone cases and wearables like hats, coats, watches and shirts. And, of course, you can manufacture rubber stamp dies with ease, on-demand and in-house. With your own laser engraver, you no longer have to rely on outsourcing these types of products or worry about competitors being able to offer options that you cannot. You can be more flexible and adaptable to shifting customer demands.

Click here for more ideas and to see just how versatile your laser engraver can be:

So why is now a great time to make owning a laser engraver a reality? Many stamp makers have long wanted to purchase a laser for their business. However, they've have held off due to the price tag or volatile economic conditions. Perhaps this applies to you. Now, there are incentives to help make adding a laser to your business a reality.

Trotec has partnered with Ascentium Capital to help customers better understand which business related tax incentives are available to them. Some qualifying business may be able to write off over $1 million in tax incentives, which can significantly lower the costs of vital assets such as equipment and technology, such as a laser engraver.

If you are interested in learning more about these incentives, the links below give a breakdown of how these incentives work and a video about how they can benefit your business:

Trotec will be holding their year end clearance and demo sale soon, which is a perfect opportunity to see these world class engravers in person. If you're interested in attending and would like more information about the event, click here: TROTEC "FALL INTO SAVINGS" EVENT.


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