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They say good things come in three's...

Trodat Printy stamps have been a popular mainstay in the marking industry since their introduction in 1976. Being the first self-inking stamp made of plastic, they revolutionized the marking industry and would eventually go on to become the best selling self-inker in the world.

For 2021, Trodat USA is introducing three redesigned Printy models to the lineup… the all-new Printy 4926, the all-new Printy 4645 and the updated Printy 4642 with reimagined closing cap. And while today's Printy stamps may have a more modern appearance and features, they still retain the essence of that original model... excellent build quality, durability and dependability, making them the preferred choice of so many.

Trodat Printy 4926

All new look. Same great Printy.

Available now.

The Printy 4926 self-inking stamp is one of our most popular models, and for 2021 we've given it a complete makeover. Now sporting a sleek, modern look borrowed from the Printy P4 stamps, the all new Printy 4926 features a minimalist appearance with a designer mix of glossy sheens and matte finishes, where every form is determined by function.

The stamp now has a flat top, which provides improved index clarity while also serving as a stable surface for easy text plate mounting. The sides feature a matte finish and ribbing for additional grip when stamping, and lock buttons on either side of the stamp effortlessly click the new 4926 into the desired position: standing, ink cartridge change or text plate mounting.

The face of the new 4926 displays a glossy mirror finish with an elegant silver Trodat logo, lending the stamp a premium look. The glossy finish on the front allows for easy customization via pad printing, and a convenient positioning indicator has been molded directly into the base of the stamp to ensure accurate impression alignment. And, of course, the all new Printy 4926 continues Trodat’s tradition of producing environmentally friendly products, by utilizing post-consumer recycled materials it its construction.

Accompanying the new Printy 4926 is a brand new ink cartridge that has been improved in all facets for ease of use. The new 4926 Ink Cartridge makes replacing the old cartridge faster, more efficient and cleaner than ever before, all while being compatible with both new and old 4926 models (P2 & P3). For more information on the new ink cartridge, click the link below to download a flyer with additional details.

The all-new Printy 4926 self-inking stamp is available now on Trodat Order Manager, with a maximum impression area of 1-1/2" x 3", and with five different ink cartridge colors to choose from: Black, Blue, Red, Green and Purple.

Trodat Printy 4642

Protecting your Printy has never been easier.

Available now.

Trodat is taking the already universally well-received Printy 4642 and making it even better with a completely redesigned closing cap that has been engineered for easier use. The new cap features a more compact design, with "buttons" on either side that allow for a smoother removal experience, and a transparent "shield" has been added to the backside to ensure an air-tight protective seal when the stamp is closed.

Otherwise, the Printy 4642 continues to deliver the same standard-setting self-inking experience as the rest of the Printy line has become known for, all while remaining just as environmentally friendly as before by utilizing recycled materials and Trodat's carbon-neutral manufacturing process.

The Printy 4642 self-inking stamp with redesigned closing cap is available now on Trodat Order Manager, with a maximum impression area of 1-5/8", and with five different ink cartridge colors to choose from: Black, Blue, Red, Green and Purple.

Trodat Printy 4645

Moving forward while respecting the past.

Available Fall 2021.

The new 4645 joins the P4 generation of Printy design, featuring a modern aesthetic with soft touch surfaces where fingers make contact and a glossy face for a sleek, classic look. The index window gives a full size preview of the impression before you make it, and the flat top provides the Printy 4645 with a stable surface when mounting the die. The included snap on dust cover helps to protect the die from debris and prolong the life of the ink cartridge.

The all-new Printy 4645 round self-inking stamp will phase into the lineup later in the Fall of 2021 with a maximum impression area of 1-3/4” and five different ink cartridge colors to choose from: Black, Blue, Red, Green and Purple.


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