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The New & Improved Trodat Clothing Marker

Now including a new protective closing cap, upgraded fleece material and revised packaging.

Trodat Clothing Marker self-inking stamps are the quick, easy and convenient way to mark and identify your clothing and fabric items. They use a specialized ink formulated to stamp on fabric cleanly and clearly, and will remain on clothes wash after wash, which is essential for items that must be cleaned often, such as school uniforms and face masks.

Already based on the best-selling Printy 4.0, Trodat Clothing Markers have been given an upgrade for 2022. They now include a closing cap that snaps securely into place for added protection when your stamp is not in use. This keeps the die free of debris, which will help to extent its life, and protects your personal belongings from ink, especially in cases where the stamp is being transported in your purse, bag or briefcase.

As well, the included iron on fleece strip has been improved. The material is now softer and there is more of it... 1 meter worth of material compared to the previous 28mm long strip. This results in additional space for many more impressions than before.

These changes ultimately allow for smaller packaging to be used, which means less environmental waste and easier storage for both rubber stamp makers and consumers alike, the quintessential win, win.

The new and improved Trodat Clothing Marker will become available in a rolling change as inventory of the previous model sells through.


Thousands of Trodat products, are available to order on Trodat Order Manager. Don't have an Order Manager account? No problem! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP and you'll be enjoying the convenience of 24/7 online ordering and the fastest order turnaround in no time!


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