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Self-Inking Text & Date Stamps for Medical Office Communication

The Covid-19 pandemic has put a huge strain on hospitals and medical offices, with many running at or over capacity for the past year. This has made their personnel's time more valuable than ever.

Thankfully, the situation seems to be improving. However, this does not mean that time is no longer as valuable. Patients are still admitted for care everyday, and millions of people are receiving vaccination doses, both of which require important documentation that requires tedious, repetitive, time-consuming handwritten notation.

Medical Office Stamps can help ease some of the burden of these repetitive tasks by eliminating handwriting and increasing efficiency. Just as well, the bold, clear impressions can also help alleviate confusion or miscommunication that sometimes occurs from handwriting fatigue. This helps medical staff focus less on writing, and more on the well-being of their patients.

The three sizes of Printy text stamps are perfect for larger applications like patient forms, doctor or nurse reviews, or for filing purposes, while the Printy date stamp is ideal for dating Covid-19 vaccination cards and other smaller documentation, and the flexibility inherent in self-inking rubber stamps means that you can create whatever impression or message your customers desire.

Attached is a flyer that we can customize to your liking with your business name, logo, pricing and even alternate impressions, if desired. Once finalized, we will provide you with a high-resolution file that can be printed locally.

If you would like to have a customized Medical Office Stamps flyer made for your company, please contact our marketing team at: or


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