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PSI - The Pre-Inked Self-Inker Continues to Evolve

Trodat USA has the pre-inked market covered with an expansive offering and multiple product lines, each designed with a specific customer in mind. Trodat’s PSI (Premium Self-Inker) stamp line occupies a niche that exists between the pre-inked and self-inking worlds, and is designed to merge the best features of both categories.

With the PSI being an established product in the US market, Trodat sought to make PSI stamps even better, with improvements to the handle design that make inserting index cards easier, an improved mount housing that limits die box play for more even stamping, and redesigned die boxes that ensure an even height for consistent flashing. These small tweaks result in huge performance, and user experience, improvements.

Trodat’s PSI stamps continue to feature a compact, ergonomic design that remains comfortable to hold even after repeated use. Each model has a full-size index window previewing the impression before you make it, and its transparent base aids in accurate imprint placement. The newer E-Style models provide larger impression areas than before, thanks to die plates that stretch closer to the edges of the die box, while a snap-on dust cover protects both your stamp and belongings.

Where the PSI really stands apart, however, is with its removable, ink cartridge-like die box. Whereas other pre-inked stamps house their ink reservoir internally, the die box in a PSI stamp easily slides in and out from the base for added flexibility, much like a self-inker.

Every PSI stamp is produced using Low Emissions Manufacturing (LEM), meaning that no odors or effluent waste are emitted during production and the entire process uses less power than a 100-watt light bulb uses in an hour, continuing Trodat’s goal of offering environmentally responsible products.


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