Medical Office Stamps

Self-Inking Stamps for Hospital, Doctor and Medical Office Communication

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and medical offices are running at or over capacity, making their personnel's time more valuable than ever. As more patients are admitted for care, more documentation is required, and this increases the short, repetitive notes that are taken every day.

Self-inking Medical Office Stamps can help ease some of the burden of these repetitive tasks, by eliminating time-consuming handwriting and increasing efficiency. The bold, clear impressions can also help to alleviate confusion or miscommunication that sometimes occurs from handwriting fatigue. This helps medical personnel focus less on writing, and more on the well-being of their patients and staff.

The attached flyer can be customized as you like, with your business name, logo, and pricing. Once finalized, we will provide you with a high-resolution file to print locally.



If you would like to have a customized Medical Office Stamps flyer made for your company, please contact our marketing team at: or

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