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Making Masks for REAL Superheroes

Here at Trodat USA we are trying to do something for a local area hospital and get them some much needed masks.  In talking with an area nurse we learned that her hospital uses basic cloth masks throughout the day, and switches to the higher end medical masks when interacting with patients.

We tasked our Laser Specialist, Mike Hill, with creating some masks to try and help.  Mike chose some fun and interesting patterns that we hope the nurses and doctors will like, and they will soon be delivered to the hospital. We hope to update our post with some pictures from the medical team when they sport their new Superhero masks!

Please follow the links below to access the pattern for the cloth mask.  We also have a pattern available for a plastic face shield that we have been sharing.  However the materials are a bit scarce right now as the demand for these products has exceeded supply.  If you have the materials, or access to them, we highly encourage you to check out that link as well.

Link to Cloth Face Mask YouTube video:

Link to cloth Face Mask PDF instructions for download:

Link to Plastic Face Shield YouTube video:

Link to Plastic Face Shield PDF instructions for download:

Thank you for reading and be safe!


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