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Keep your distance while going the distance with Trodat Mobile Stamps.

Social distancing has become a way of life... if you're able to do it. Unfortunately, real life beckons and for a large portion of the working population, travel and daily interactions are part of the job.

Often that travel and those interactions involve paperwork, paperwork that has changed hands multiple times by multiple people. Studies have shown that germs are able to survive on a sheet of paper for at least three days, and can be cultivated from those same sheets a week later! Not only can bacteria survive on paper, but it can be transferred from person to person via the paper as well (gross).*

With stamps such as the Pocket Printy, Micro Printy and Superslim, you are able to reduce that interaction. Because of their compact nature, not only are these stamps ideal for traveling, they are perfect to use for applications that are repetitive in nature, such as signature, address, contact information and notary stamps. Stamping your signature means that you don't have to touch a pen or even the paper.

Trodat mobile stamps are built with the same care and premium materials as the rest of our product offering, which each line offering unique features and advantages.

For the month of September, we're giving customers the chance to win $250 worth of assorted Pocket Printy stamps! Simply visit our mobile stamps page and enter for a shot to win.

Our full range of mobile stamps are available to order on Trodat Order Manager, along with thousands of other products. Don't have an Order Manager account? No problem! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP and you'll be enjoying the convenience of 24/7 online ordering in no time!

*Study credited to the American Journal of Nursing - Survival of Bacterial Pathogens on Paper and Bacterial Retrieval from Paper to Hands - December 2011

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