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JustRite Direct Action Self-Inkers – The Truly Unique Industrial Grade Stamp

Mark Klage - Trodat USA Regional Sales Manager

Many rubber stamp makers are so solely focused on the office stamp side of our industry they miss another whole segment. The industrial customer can be an untapped opportunity for them yet the stamp maker may not know what options there are for the industrial user. Every supplier has one variation or another of the same product line that would fit the industrial market. Yet Trodat does have that unique product that nobody else can even come close to. It is our JustRite Direct Action Self-Inker (BDA). This is one of the most unique and versatile industrial grade self-inking stamps on the market.

So, what makes the JustRite Direct Action Self-Inker so versatile? It’s the unique short stroke operating system of the BDA. In all other self-inkers, the die plate/bridge rotates in the stamping process. This rotation limits the amount of characters that can fit on a band.

With the BDA’s short stroke system, you don’t have this limitation because the pad swings, not the bridge. That’s why we can fit the entire alphabet, and on some sizes, both the alphabet AND numbers, on a self-inker. An option that is not available on any other self-inker in the industry.

Another unique feature is the ability to mate the BDA with automated pneumatic imprinting machines on assembly lines. The thin handle on the yoke can easily be fitted into the pneumatic presses imprinting jig. Because the short stroke system allows fast recovery for imprinting, the number of impressions per minute is much greater than other traditional self-inking numberers. This gives end users an easy and low-cost coding option.

Also, by combining the unique operating system of the BDA with harsh ink resisting buna bands, you have a powerhouse coding option. Many industrial users need to use harsh inks to comply with production requirements. The all metal construction, short stroke system and resistant buna bands will provide a long-lasting option in these harsh environments.

In the market of industrial marking stamps, the JustRite Direct Action Self-Inker is truly the diamond in the rough. With three frame widths and five character sizes, the BDA is the most unique and versatile industrial grade self-inking stamp available. Not only will your industrial customers be very interested, but your office and logistical customers will also find it very useful. Contact your Trodat sales representative for information and all available options.


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