Here's to Everyone Having a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day probably feels a little different than it did a year ago. It was around this time that the "normal" we were all used to was about to be upended. Little did we know just how abnormal the subsequent months would be.

But here we are, together. And while this St. Patty's Day may not be celebrated in the usual ways we're used to, things are definitely trending in the right direction, and with a little bit of luck, we'll be back to our normal celebrations when next year rolls around!

The Origins of St. Patrick's Day

Originally a religious celebration known as the Feast of Saint Patrick, St. Patrick's Day is an Irish holiday celebrated on or around March 17th (considered the historical date of St. Patrick's death) in honor of St. Patrick, who ministered Christianity in Ireland during the fifth century.

Today, St. Patrick's Day is celebrated in more countries than any other national festival, influenced greatly by the Irish diaspora (Irish and Irish descendants living outside of Ireland) in North America. In fact, until the late 20th century, St. Patrick's Day was a bigger celebration outside of Ireland than it was within.

Celebrations involve public parades, music, festivals, gatherings at the local bar, formal banquets, dances and the wearing of green clothing that often includes Irish top hats and shamrocks. Famous landmarks are often lit up green, green beer is served at bars and even the Chicago river is dyed green in celebration, while people often eat corned beef and cabbage and shepherd's pie.

So, here's to everyone having a Safe & Happy St. Patrick's Day, and may the luck of the Irish be with you!


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