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Do you or your customers use custom COVID Signage in your businesses?

TroLase Laminates + Trotec Speedy Laser Engravers = Custom Signage On-Demand

When the world changed a few months ago, businesses had to change as well. This meant rethinking how they could deliver their services in a safe, responsible and thoughtful manner. While many businesses had to temporarily close their doors, others remained open to provide essential services.

This new way of operating required additional ways to communicate non-verbally. With guidelines changing daily, signage has become a necessary tool for businesses to let customers know important information about shopping requirements. You see them posted everywhere... from entryways and exits, to counter tops, registers, check out lines, and more. As more businesses reopen, more forms of signage will be required, especially as services such as restaurants and bars adapt to outdoor dining.

TroLase laminates are designed to work seamlessly with laser engravers. With a Trotec Speedy laser engraver and our vast selection of TroLase laminates, you can create custom signage for both yourself and your customers in-house, on demand. View our entire selection of TroLase (laser engraver compatible) laminates by clicking on the catalog image below.

June will offer some exciting new opportunities for our engravable laminates. Be sure to check back often so that you don't miss out!


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