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Diamonds in the Rough

The oft forgotten pocket stamp can offer unique sales opportunities.

One of the most misunderstood selling opportunities that stamp makers have is the pocket stamp, often because they just aren’t sure how to utilize them. Are they a stand-alone item? Are they a great upsell opportunity? Are they an add on item? Or is it a combination of all three? The pocket stamp is a very important part of the stamp maker’s product toolbox, but unless you position it properly it will be a tool that is rarely used. Trodat offers a wide range of pocket stamp options, available in a variety of sizes and in both self-inking and pre-inked configurations. So, let’s look at all the options we have and how we can make pocket stamps an important part of your stamp business.

The Trodat Mobile Printy and Pocket Printy are Trodat’s go to pocket stamps, available in multiple sizes and frame colors. With their modern design and easy one-handed operation, both models are excellent pocket stamps. With the ability to use either polymer or rubber dies, they make for great companion sales to standard Printy or Professional Text stamps.

If you’re looking for something a bit more “unique”, the Micro Printy has you covered. It features a circular design with a unique hinge that, when activated, swings the pad away from the die plate. The circular impression area makes the Micro Printy a great alternative for monogram and notary stamps. Available in 2 sizes and 5 colors that your customers will love.

Along with “traditional” pocket stamps, Trodat also has 11 sizes of pre-inked flash pocket stamps available: Slim Stamp, SuperSlim and the MaxLight XL-42. The beauty of these stamps is that they all can be made alongside your MaxLight and PSI stamps using the same ink and flash machine. Nothing special is needed!

Regardless of whether you choose to sell traditional pocket stamps or a flash version, they do provide an opportunity for increased sales. It all depends how you promote the stamp.

Pocket stamps are great for people who are on the go, such as notaries or delivery truck drivers who accept payments upon delivery. A pocket stamp can allow them to quickly and easily endorse checks, all while being as easy to carry as a pen. By promoting the portability of these types of stamps, consumers can better understand their ease of use and convenience.

It’s not always clear what a consumer’s needs are or what a stamp may be used for. So, offeri­ng pocket stamps as an add on at checkout could spark an idea with the consumer and potentially lead to increased sales. Remember, it is always easiest to grow sales with our existing customer base, especially at the time of sale. The trick is to discount any add on items, so that your consumer feels like they are getting a deal for the additional sale.

Pocket stamps may not always be the most popular item by themselves, but they are a great add on product, especially for those where space is at a premium. Request a sample from your Trodat Sales Representative today and then brainstorm with them on marketing ideas. Before long, your sales will be increasing with ease.

Our full range of pocket stamps are available to order on Trodat Order Manager, along with thousands of other products. Don't have an Order Manager account? No problem! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP and you'll be enjoying the convenience of 24/7 online ordering in no time!



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