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Branding Part 3: Building Up Your Brand

Now that you have done your homework and successfully created the framework for your brand, it’s time to fill it out with the products that you can tie it to.

Hopefully, you have created a brand that truly represents you and who you want to be, but is flexible enough to support a multitude of product lines. You have a lot of choices out there when it comes to rubber stamps, and if you are like most stamp makers, you supply other products as well. And while we can’t help you with signage, engraving or the countless other possibilities you may be providing customers, when it comes to stamps, Trodat will have more than you need to make your stamp brand a success.

There are many ways to promote your brand, and our experienced Marketing Team can help with all of them. If you are looking at going old school, our graphic artists are capable of designing traditional print material that will showcase your brand. From catalogs, postcards, posters and flyers, we can give you professionally designed and production ready files for any type of printing.

Although old school is still an important part of promoting your brand, the world has evolved into the digital age. Convert your print catalogs into digital copies that you can email to prospective customers or have available for download from your website, and consider utilizing email blasts in place of physical mailers.

Not sure how to create an effective email campaign? Let our Marketing team give you advice on how to effectively use email tools to connect with your customers and promote your brand. Plus, don’t forget the world of social media. Our monthly digital marketing kits are formatted to work perfectly with Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram. It’s amazing how an effective social media campaign can impact your search engine results.

Marketing isn’t all catalogs, email blasts and tweets, however. Mating your brand to the products that you sell is of the most important ways to promote your business. Let us help marry your brand’s logo with one of our self-inking Printy lines. Are you looking for an economical stamp that is 100% private branded? Our Printy P2 line can be custom imprinted with only your brand’s logo in a host of vibrant frame colors.

Have you tied your brand to being an environmentally friendly proponent? Let’s apply your logo to our carbon neutral P4 self-inkers… the finest and most environmentally friendly stamp made. Or do you have a large multicolored logo? Try our Imprint series of self-inkers. With an oversized index window that can display custom printed graphics, using printable index’s. the Imprint is perfect for small quantity branding, whether it’s your own brand or helping one of your dealers promote their brand. Available in several sizes and multiple colors, the Imprint is a great option when it comes to custom branded self-inking stamps.

You spent a lot time and effort developing your brand. Why would you tie that effort to marketing support or products that don’t have an equal amount of effort put into them? You wouldn’t and you shouldn’t. Trodat believes in your brand just as much as you do and wants to be part of it. Let us help with your branding journey. We have an amazing brain trust of marketing knowledge and skills. They are waiting for you. All you need to do is call and ask.

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