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Am I Missing Out?

Have you ever thought, “Am I missing out on something?” If we are talking about missing out on a concert or sporting event, the worst you may experience is some short-term disappointment, but it will not have any long-lasting effects... you will recover just fine. In business, however, missing out on important opportunities can have long lasting consequences.

In the stamp world, the one thing that so many stamp makers miss out on are the opportunities that the JustRite line can offer. From logistics and inventory management, to short run manufacturing, JustRite stamps are capable of countless possibilities, and can get you into markets that you may never have even considered. Not everything can be accomplished with modern imprinting processes.

Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that JustRite stamps are overly complicated to order and market, which causes many rubber stamp makers to hesitate investing in them. This is not true. JustRite’s greatest attribute is their ability to be customized in a nearly limitless number of configurations. While that might sound daunting, with a little thought and investigation, they become not only easy to order, but also very profitable to sell.

In this post, we will look at the opportunities that the JustRite line can offer you and your customers, what you can do with JustRite and how it can be the most customizable stamp solution in the industry. Then we will look at the ordering process, including both how to order the unit from Trodat, but also what information you need to get from the customer to make sure you are getting them exactly what they need.

So, what exactly is JustRite? JustRite is an industrial strength, fully customizable stamp system. Comprised of both hand stamp and self-inking options, they can be combined with up to 33 stock bands featuring various character combinations, date bands, frame mounted wrap dies, and custom bands, offering 8 character sizes and 2 rubber formulas.

All JustRite units are made from plated steel, not only for extra durability, but it also allows the stamps to resist some of the most aggressive inks you can throw at them. You can even swap out the standard rubber bands with Buna bands for an additional level of durability.

Check out the video below showcasing how custom JustRite bands are laser engraved and assembled, in-house by our specially trained assembly team.

So how do you make sense of this system? The best thing to do is start with our 2022 Catalog and Price List. Do a little research on the topic. There are a multitude of charts and graphics to help you understand the system and how it all fits together. Read and study those pages. Develop some questions and then reach out to your sales representative for additional information and clarification. They can help you understand all there is to know about JustRite. Once you are ready, you can start marketing all that JustRite has to offer.

So, you’re ready to sell JustRite. Now what? What do you do when a customer asks about a special stamp? Gathering the correct information about what a customer needs is just as important as knowing what the JustRite stamp line has to offer. It starts with asking several simple questions…

The first thing to ask is, “What is the application?” Try and find out as much information as you can. It’s the smallest detail that can make the process a success or failure. What type of surface will they be stamping on? What type of ink do they need for this application?

Knowing how the customer intends to use the stamp is the key to providing the best options and can lead you to making the best recommendations. For example, if they are using very aggressive inks, then Buna rubber should be recommended. Having a stamp destroyed because the proper materials were not used could be embarrassing, and make a customer upset that had another material been recommended, they would have taken it.

Next, determine if there are specific character layout/impressions required. Do they want just numbers, numbers and letters or special characters? Is there a specific character size or impression area that is being used? Based on the information your customer provides, you can then determine if a self-inking stamp is an option or if a hand stamp is all that’s available (Not all character sizes are available in self-inking).

Once you have all of the essential information, the next step is to reach out to our customer service team and they can walk you through the ordering process, ensuring that what you’re ordering is indeed what the customer needs, especially if this is your first JustRite order. Don’t worry if you need to follow up with your customer regarding a detail you might have missed. The important thing is to make sure you’re selling them exactly what they want. Do that, and they’ll be back for more.

JustRite is the stamp industries diamond in the rough. It is an expansive line of stamps that offers nearly limitless opportunities when utilized to its fullest potential, and if you take the time to learn all there is to know about what it offers you’ll find yourself selling a very profitable product to markets you might not have even considered before. Don’t let the misconception that JustRite is complicated or hard to get a handle on… your Trodat USA team is here to help you learn about one of our best unkept secrets, and in turn, you’ll no longer be missing out on some great selling opportunities.

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