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All of our Marketing Kits, all in one place!

Over two years of free monthly marketing content releases for Trodat stamps compiled together in one place for easy access whenever you need it.

After the rollercoaster of 2020, many small businesses were left struggling to recover from physical and economic turmoil, and that meant getting the word out to customers that their products and services were still available.

While small business owners understand the importance of having a marketing and social media presence, many are unable to establish one due to a lack of resources. Understanding this, we launched our marketing kits campaign to help support RSMs in this regard and began offering free monthly marketing content for both print and digital applications that could be downloaded and used as desired.

The 2021 marketing kit campaign consisted of fresh, original designs themed for upcoming holidays and notable events. For example, the April Marketing Kit contained social media posts for Easter, April Fool’s Day and Earth Day, coupled with stamp impression artwork for each.

For 2022, we shifted from event themed content to product themed, with each month focusing on a different one of our mainline Trodat products such as Professional 4.0, Printy 4.0, MaxLight and PSI, JustRite and more. These kits included flyers that could be printed locally or used digitally, along with images designed to be used on social media platforms.

In addition to these marketing kits, we also utilize the Bold Impressions blog to discuss and promote other marketing strategies like “upselling" and "how to sell green". These are but two of many posts we've written with an inside look into selling more products.

All of our marketing kits are now available to browse and download from a single source. Two years worth of free content available to RSMs that can be used however desired! The link below will direct you to the Marketing Kits landing page, where you can access all of the content released in both 2021 and 2022.

Visit the Trodat Marketing Kits page:

Whether you are a marketing or social media veteran, or are just getting started, we hope that you find these materials helpful, and we welcome any and all feedback you may have regarding these marketing kits.


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