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All-New Printy 4924 Ink Cartridge

For 2021 Trodat is releasing an all-new replacement ink cartridge for the Printy 4924 self-inking text stamp and Printy 4724 self-inking date stamp.

Featuring a thoughtful new design focused on improving the user experience, the new ink cartridge has added grip tabs to help ensure easy, comfortable and clean handling. The new grip tabs make holding the ink cartridge easier by providing a more accessible area for finger placement, and simply “pop off” once the cartridge is fully inserted into the stamp.

Produced using high-quality plastics, foam and inks, the new 6/4924 ink cartridge promises to deliver the same crisp, clean impressions that Trodat Printy stamps are known for and that users expect.

The new 6/4924 ink cartridge is compatible with existing Printy 4924 and 4724 models, and will become available as old inventory sells out, retaining the same item numbers for ease of ordering. A redesigned 2-color ink cartridge (6/4924/2) will also be released, although it will not utilize the grip tabs.


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